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This is an actual home I sold. I love selling high end homes. 

You aren’t your work, your accomplishments, your possessions, your home, your family… your anything. You’re a creation of your Source, dressed in a physical human body intended to experience and enjoy life on Earth.

Wayne Dyer

What I do to experience life


I love playing hockey, coaching my kids hockey playing video game hockey and going to hockey games. And I love The St Louis Blues. 


What the hell is rucking? Click this link. You basically just walk with a weighted backpack. It’s a great way to work out without knowing it.  


I love traveling with my family. I would love it if you ordered an appraisal so I can fund my next vacation. There are lots of palaces I want to see. 

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When I began looking to buy my first home, the housing market predominantly favored sellers and there was a severe shortage of acceptable homes being listed for sale. Geoff worked closely with my fiance and I to determine our true interests which ultimately led to him finding the perfect house for us. Though it took us 8 months to find a home in an undesirable market for buyers, never once did Geoff pressure us or attempt to sway our interests. Instead, he stayed the course with us and we were very happy with the result and his services all along the way. Generally, Geoff is very knowledgeable about the housing market trends, He was also able to answer questions with regard to the physical condition of the houses we viewed along the way. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer him to my friends and family.

Buyer 1

Recently Geoff represented us as my family purchased a home. Geoff not only
helped us find the right home for us, but gave us his no-nonsense opinion in really
helpful ways. Unlike other agents who merely talk about the possible uses of
bedrooms, how a fresh coat of paint would do wonders, and other such cliche, Geoff
was looking at electrical wiring, examining foundations, and inspecting tree roots.
We truly felt we were in good hands through our search, and have no doubt we’ll use
him in the future. Highly recommended.

Buyer 2

A Brief timeline

2004 – Graduated from the University of Missouri and became an Appraiser
2008 – Became a licensed real estate agent.
2011   – Married my beautiful wife Christine
2011  – Bought my second home we live in today
2013  – Started Appraisal Partners
2014  – My daughter Alexandria was born
2016  – My son Auggie was born
2018  – My daughter Avery was born
2023 -.Still Appraising and selling houses to fund my life experience


Where I AM now

I love playing hockey and coaching my 7 year old son. I enjoy watching my daughters dance, play sports and do gymnastics. I am always looking for a new adventure or a new skill to build. Every day of life is a chance to experience something new. Take advantage of the time you have. NEVER STOP EXPERIENCING LIFE!  

A Few Words

About Me

The day after I graduated from the Univeristy of Missouri, I went to work for an appraisal firm as a trainee. I became a certified residential appraiser in 2006. I bought my first property in 2007. I bought my second home and got married in 2011. My wife and I have 3 amazing children and we love watching them grow and discover their passions. 

Over the years I have done just about everything you can do in the world of real estate. I have bought and flipped homes, renovated homes, owned rental property, navigated hundreds of real estate transactions, completed thousands of appraisals and managed dozens of appraisers in multiple states. If you need help with anything real estate related, I am happy to offer my guidance, knowledge and expertice. Reach out today!

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