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Cash Purchases

If you are purchasing with cash don’t hesitate to get an appraisal on your desired home. Make sure you are paying for its actual worth. 

Comparative Market Analysis

This quick search of the surrounding market shows all the sales in the area to help give you an idea of what is selling in the market.

Divorce Settlement

Through the difficult process of divorce, you’ll be provided a fair, unbiased appraisal of your home to help with the final decision of the settlement

Estate Settlement

After a death, the first step to fairly disposing of an estate is understanding its true value. Make sure you walk away knowing you have received a fair deal.

Mortgage Purchase

If you are buying a new home or looking to refinance, be sure that you are getting a trusted appraisal done to ensure all is correct in the mortgage process.


When one of our expert appraisers perform a current market value appraisal, you can be confident you’re listing your home in the right price range.

Property Measurement

At Appraisal Partners, we are here to help realtors and homeowners like you, get top dollar for your listing by providing the correct square footage of your home.

Tax Appeal

With our help at Appraisal Partners, you can save on your taxes by performing an in-depth appraisal to find the true market value of your home.

Order Now

Whatever your current situation may be, using our online appraisal service gets you one step closer to a detailed evaluation of your property.

Analyzing Appraisal Data

We analyze the data of thousands of appraisals to make sure you receive the most accurate information and get the best deal possible. Our detailed services are part of our commitment to provide valuable insight and reliability to our clients.

"I was nervous that the appraisal performed on our house was wrong. With ease, Appraisal Partners set me up with an expert appraiser who was able to come out and perform an excellent appraisal"

– Ali Smith

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