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This quick search of the surrounding market shows all the sales in that area. This helps give you an idea of what is selling in the market.

Comparative Market Analysis

A comparative market analysis is often referred to as a “CMA.” A CMA is a quick overview of what has sold in your area. A quick market analysis report can give you an idea of what the highest and lowest sales have been in your neighborhood or market area. You can use it determine an average price per square foot for the area or the average days on market. Even if you just want to know what the house down the street ended up selling for, a CMA will often tell you that information.

A CMA can be a quick, cost effective way to get a general snapshot of the market around your home. Not every situation requires a full written report prepared by a certified appraisal. Appraisal Partners can assist with this as well. Simply fill out an on line order for a CMA or comparative market analysis and someone will be in touch as soon as possible to assist you.

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