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If you are purchasing with cash don’t hesitate to get an appraisal on your desired home. Make sure you are paying for its actual worth.


One of the most important decisions involved in purchasing a property is deciding what to offer. Even after the offer is accepted you still may be unsure of the actual market value of the home.

If you are using a Realtor to assist you with your purchase, they can help you make informed decisions. How do you know you are getting all the facts? Realtors stand to gain if you make a purchase through a seller paid commission. In addition, your agent may become emotionally involved in your purchase decision (especially if they are friends or family members).

If you are unsure on what you are buying or you just want piece of mind, you need an impartial, unbiased opinion of market value. When you order a professional appraisal report performed by one of our state-certified appraisers, you will receive an objective, third-party opinion of a property’s current market value. With this service, you can rest easy knowing you’re fair deal on your new  property.

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