The 7 Step Online Appraisal Process

A home appraisal is usually requested by a lender to estimate the market value of your home. That enables them to make sure that the money you borrow is correct and appropriate. When the time comes for you to get an appraisal for your property, it makes sense to use our services here at Appraisal Partners.

We make the process easy for you and there’s no need for stress or confusion. If you’re wondering how it’ll work, we’ve summed it up for you in the form of a 7 Step Online Appraisal Process. It’s all very simple and easy to understand, so read on to learn all about it.

1. Complete the Online Order Form


The first thing you need to do to begin the process of getting a property appraisal is fill out our online order form. It’s very easy to do so and it won’t take you long to complete it at all. This just allows us to gather the basic information we need about you and your property before finding the appraiser that can carry out the appraisal for you.

The kind of information you’ll be asked for on the online order form includes your name, contact details, property address and the purpose of the appraisal. You’ll also be asked to nominate a requested delivery date for the appraisal. Once you’ve filled out the form and provided all of that information, you simply click submit.


2. We Match the Client with a Suitable Appraiser

Next, we match you with an appraiser. We do this with the help of our contacts, as they allow us to find the appraiser that’s best suited to you and your particular needs, regarding your location and things like that. We work hard to make sure the match is the right one and that both parties are happy with it.

We’ll use the information you provide to us by you on your online order form when making this match. That’s why it’s so important that you provide us with accurate information and details. All in all, it won’t take long for the match to be made and then you can move to the next step in the process.


3. Contact is Made and a Property Inspection is Scheduled

Once we’ve matched you with an appraiser, the appraiser will make contact with you to find out more about what you need and when the appraisal might be carried out. At this point, you can contact them because they’ll be your main point of contact while the appraisal is being carried out.

As part of this process, the appraiser and yourself will decide when you want to have a property inspection carried out. This is obviously the most important part of any property appraisal process. They’ll check their own availability and you can do the same and then a final date for the inspection can be scheduled.


4. The Appraisal is Carried Out

Then the appraisal will be completely carried out. Your appraiser will carry out this work and you’ll be able to communicate with them throughout the process. Don’t be scared to contact and communicate with them. As long as you’re not trying to influence their final appraisal outcome, there’s nothing wrong with doing that.

During the appraisal, the appraiser will look for a variety of things. These include assessing the roof, the foundations, the lot, ventilation, heating, electrics and any mechanical systems. They will look for health and safety related issues, damage and potential problems and hazards that might be present. They’ll try to get a full a picture as possible of the condition of the property. There is a set of known hazards and the appraiser will check to see if the house is free from them all.


5. The Appraiser Complete the Report and Submits It

Once the appraiser has carried out an appraisal of your property, they will begin the process of completing the report. This is the document that will outline their findings and their reasons for reaching the final value that they settled on. It gives information and details about their reasoning, which can be useful for you and other parties to understand.

Once the appraisal report has been written and they think that everything has been covered, they will submit the report. When they submit it, it comes back to us here at Appraisal Partner so we can take a closer look at it. We make sure that everything is as it should be, but this doesn’t take too long.


6. We Review the Report

As we review the report, we will look at all of the things that were mentioned and ensure that all of the information that should be there is there. If there are any problems, it can go back to the appraiser and they can be fixed. This is not normally something that needs to happen, however.

Once we’ve reviewed the report and we’re 100% happy with it, it’ll be sent to you. At that point, it won’t be long before you receive it.


7. The Client Receives the Report and Submits Payment

You’ll then receive the report and get the chance to read through it. It can also be sent to a lender or whoever else might need a copy of it. Of course, that depends on the situation and the reason for you having an appraisal carried out in the first place. That’s something we’ll communicate with you about.

Once you have received the report, you can make your payment for the services provided and the process will be over. It’s all pretty simple and straightforward, so why not make the most of it? Your needs will always come first.

The process of getting an online home appraisal doesn’t have to be a source of stress and confusion for you. When you use the services of Appraisal Partners and move through the steps listed above, you’ll find that you that you have the appraisal you need in no time at all.

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